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Best Web Hosting Companies in India in 2022

1. Intro

Back in 2016, I wrote about the best web hosting companies in India. Since then, I’ve been continually asked for a second update on my best web hosting companies list. I’ll now give you a second chance to read my original article and decide if you still want to be part of it.

In my opinion, the best web hosting company in India is Pantheon. It has a loyal following and is the only company that can match the speed and reliability offered by Vultr, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

2. Best Web Hosting Companies in India in 2022

When outsourcing a web hosting service, the first thing that you need to consider is their availability. There are several companies that offer web hosting services in India and they may have different websites.

Therefore, it is important to check the availability of those.

If you’re not sure about which company will suit your requirements best, then you can check our list of Best Web Hosting Companies in India in 2022.

The list is organized by categories and there are three categories namely Website Hosting, Cloud Computing, and VPS hosting. Here are the companies that fall under each category:

Website Hosting:

(A) Server configuration – Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server (Dedicated), VPS Provider (Cloud). A great deal of power is contained on a server compared to a VPS or Dedicated server.

So when choosing a web host, choose one that has enough power for your website’s needs as well as for any future growth plans you might have.

(B) Cloud-based services – This includes both private cloud providers and public clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. A great deal of power is contained on a cloud provider compared to keeping it all on your own servers.

Cloud Computing:

VPS Provider:

Cloud Platforms:

3. How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Companies in India in 2022?

Web hosting is a very important service as it allows you to host your website and store files. But how do you choose the best web hosting company in India in 2022? In this article, we’ll look at the major factors you should be considering when choosing the best web hosting company in India.

The answer depends on what type of hosting you need. If you’re simply looking for an affordable, reliable web hosting provider, then the best web hosting companies will be ideal for you.

If, however, your main concern is the reliability and security of your website, then a more specialist, the higher-end web host may be what’s right for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your site’s web host:

– The server type: There are several types of servers available: dedicated (dedicated virtual machines with their own IP address), shared (virtual machines running on shared hardware), and colocation (virtual servers running on dedicated hardware).

– Server performance: Web hosting companies offer multiple types of servers to meet different needs. For example, some will offer high-powered dedicated servers for high-traffic sites whereas others would focus more on general server capacity and reliability for websites with less traffic.

– Server setup & support options: There are so many options available when it comes to adding new servers or changing existing ones that can vary from one company to another. Choose wisely! Ensure that the support team has all the tools necessary to aid during setup and troubleshooting if any issues arise.

– Data transfer speed: While not strictly necessary in a free or shared hosting environment, better performance and lower data transfer speed will help save money by ensuring maximum optimization; also help with load balancing and fault tolerance mechanisms as well as improved application performance overall.

– Virtual private network (VPN) service: This is important if your site uses external networks such as those behind firewalls or proxy servers. It allows you to mask individual IP addresses used by connections between your computers (including across different sites) and protect yourself from tracking by authorities or malicious software programs like malware distributors or hackers who may try to steal data by impersonating legitimate users.

4. How I Choose Best Web Hosting Companies in India in 2022

When it comes to web hosting, there are a lot of options in today’s Indian IT ecosystem. As part of our ongoing series on the state of the web hosting market in India in 2022, we’re going to look at the best web hosting companies from both ends of the spectrum — from huge companies like Amazon, DreamHost, and Google, to startups like and SoftLayer.

Unlike traditional hosting sites which focus on one niche (e.g., WordPress does not cater to blog platforms), web hosts have a wide variety of features and options for their customers:

• Support for multiple languages (allowing you to run your site with localized content)

• Mobile apps (so you can access your site via your mobile phone or tablet)

• Popular themes/plugins (that can be installed on your site)

• Cloud storage (for backups or any other kind of file storage)

• File sharing/cloud share services (to access files remotely with other users)

The two major players in the Indian web hosting sector are and DreamHost is one of those “big boys” that has been around since 1999 and has since grown into an active social media presence too. While it is not as big as it used to be, it remains one of the biggest players in the industry today, especially when you consider its customer base.

Its customer base is a mix of large corporate customers who need it for more than just web hosting and IT services, but also small businesses who are using their legacy servers for some other purpose other than hosting a website (e.g., an email service provider). GoDaddy is another player in this space that launched back in 2009 with a view to becoming a better player than its large-scale competitors: its customer base has grown tremendously over its first couple of years as well as its support network has expanded accordingly; however, it still lacks that “big-boy” status compared to DreamHost or even Amazon Web Services which is what makes it different from many other startups that have entered this segment recently (e.g., DotCloud).

What makes GoDaddy stand out is how flexible it is with regard to customization options: unlike some other players such as DreamHost where you must choose between unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth or a pay-per-GB model depending on how much traffic you get, there are no restrictions on customization.

5. Conclusion

Choosing a web hosting company is not easy. There are many options available today, but it’s important to choose one that will work with you well.

Don’t start with a cheap cloud hosting provider and settle for something that doesn’t meet your needs. Use the information presented below as your reference when choosing a web hosting company.

Stateside, you can use the following list of best web hosting companies in India for general planning purposes. You can make adjustments based on your personal preferences and needs:

If you want to host your website on the public cloud, then use these top cloud hosting providers in India:

If you want to host your website on a private cloud server, then use these top cloud hosting providers in India.

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