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Best Web Hosting Companies in the USA in 2022

1. Introduction to Hosting Companies

Hosting companies are generally divided into two main types: fixed-price hosting and shared hosting. Fixed-price hosting refers to a company that hosts only one site. In this case, the host’s cost is tied to the amount of traffic the company receives. Shared hosting differs from fixed-price hosting in that the host will often provide additional features and tools, such as dedicated servers, backup services, and more.

Shared hosting is becoming increasingly popular as a result of its convenience and flexibility (it can be set up with minimum effort), as well as because it allows you to set up multiple websites on one server with minimal changes (for example, you can change your domain name or add an FTP server). While shared hosting accounts come with both standard features and extra features (such as dedicated servers), shared accounts are generally cheaper than dedicated accounts.

For more information about hosting companies in general, check out our resource guide on Hosting Companies for Beginners.

2. The Best Hosting Companies in the USA in 2022

I’m not sure if this is a question I’ve seen asked before, but it’s one that came up in a recent survey I did to gauge the opinion of web developers. A couple of points:

1. The questions are relatively easy to answer

2. They aren’t specific enough (you can say “Web hosting in the US — Amazon Web Hosting is great, Google Cloud at least has decent prices, and Rackspace)

3. There isn’t a centralized data source

4. You can always make your own survey, but it would take considerable time and effort to make it as good as this one

All in all, these are pretty solid answers for what you want to know about web hosting companies in the US. You can find more info about the survey here. If you have any suggestions for other questions (or other data sources), feel free to let me know!

3. Namecheap Web Hosting Review

We’re going to try something a little different here. Namecheap is a Cloudflare-powered DNS provider which offers free SSL certificates for almost all of their services, and their pricing is competitive with many other providers.

Included in the list are many of the “big” names in the market, including GoDaddy, BlueHost, and HostGator.

Namecheap currently has a considerably larger user base than most other hosting companies out there, which could make them an attractive option for some.

They have a strong reputation as being friendly to smaller businesses (their policy is to give customers 60 days to cancel without penalty), which could be appealing for the small business market (if they can get their accounts canceled). They also offer some of the best support around — with quick responses and helpful documentation.

Their pricing certainly doesn’t hurt either: it includes free domain transfers and free domain names, as well as free hosting and unlimited bandwidth. It also includes server space (with varying amounts depending on your plan) at no extra cost; so you can run multiple servers if you want to — while also still getting cheap bandwidth!

All in all, it seems like they’re doing well with their offering. The main competitor they face is GoDaddy; but perhaps more importantly, they seem to be in an excellent position to grow rapidly if that becomes necessary or desirable down the road. But today let’s focus on how they stack up against others in our rankings: Namecheap does not beat everyone we listed earlier (especially BlueHost), but does have some noteworthy strengths that may make it stand out from many other hosting companies in this market: . . . Better management of customer data . . . Strongly marketed customer support . . . Strongly marketed customer retention service . . . Strong user retention service. We are looking into alternatives for our hosting needs and will update this post if we find one that better suits our needs and preferences than Namecheap does.

1 – BlueHost

2 – Go Daddy

3 – HostGator

4 – And Much More…

4. Kamatera Web Hosting Review

Here is our Kamatera Web Hosting review. We are going to review some of the best web hosting companies in the USA in 2022, based on their stability, price, and performance.

Today, hosting is a very popular and profitable field. Many people dream of having a good hosting company in their business. However, it is not easy to find a good company that can offer you great services at a reasonable price.

However, there are some factors that will help you to understand what are the products that fit your needs.

Based on our Kamatera Web Hosting review, we have seen some of the most popular web hosting companies for your website for your convenience and speed. You can find this list according to our rating system using the table below.

What are the Best Web Hosting Companies in 2022?

1. SiteGround

2. BlueHost

3. Dotster

4. HostGator

5. BlueHost

6. GoDaddy

7. Namecheap

8. DreamHost

9. & 10 . GoDaddy

11 . HostGator

12 . CloudWrt

13 . BlueHost

14 . HostGator

15 . Namecheap

16 . CloudWrt

17 . GoDaddy

18 . 2nd Level

19 . Incapsula

20 . Superdome

21 . 1&1

22 . DreamHost

23 . HostGator

24 . CloudWrt

& Much More

5. HostMonster Web Hosting Review

I’ve been using HostMonster for a few years now and I can tell you that they are the best web hosting company around. If you’re looking for a great host, you should check them out.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below!

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6. 1&1 Internet Inc Web Hosting Review

In the United States, the top three web hosting companies in terms of market share are 1&1 Internet Inc, GoDaddy, and CenturyLink Web Hosting. Today, we want to examine these companies in greater detail so you can better understand how they stack up to one another.

1&1 Internet Inc is a Canadian company that was founded in 2002. They have a strong presence across North America and Europe and employ more than 1,000 people in their network of over 800 data centers located across Canada and the US.

GoDaddy is a US-based company created in 1996 and headquartered in Ballwin, Missouri. Though they have been around longer than 1&1 Internet Inc, many feel that they are still growing at an exponential rate (they also employ 2,500+ workers).

CenturyLink Web Hosting has been around since 1995 when they began their operations at one of the largest data centers in the US (the company calls it “the cloud”). The vast majority of their business comes from hosting high-end customers (especially those who use high-bandwidth applications) but they also offer support for local businesses with internet service (which is currently only offered through their direct reseller model). They also rent server space for customers who want to keep their servers close to them (to give them more control over where their data goes), a model which led them to hire John McAfee as CTO.

Not all web hosting companies are created equal: some offer robust value propositions backed by solid technical support; others excel when it comes to customer retention; some are managed servers offering a certain level of service at a lower cost, and some are simply more popular than others based on factors such as brand name recognition or just sheer market share. To understand how these companies stack up against one another we need to examine each company’s strengths (those things which differentiate them from one another) and weaknesses (those things which make them similar):

1&1 Internet Inc is an online hosting company focused on small business needs rather than large enterprises with unlimited budgets. They offer several tiers of services including basic ($5/month), medium ($15/month) and premium ($30/month) plans with various packages available depending on your needs. Their tutorial videos give you tips on setting up different web pages including blogs, forums, etc. which can be helpful if you don’t know exactly how to set up your website properly or don’t want to

7. Bluehost Inc Web Hosting Review

We’ve built a reputation for doing high-quality reviews, so we knew we’d be picking a subject that would be an open question. We were also curious to see what you have to say about hosting companies in general.

It turns out that while the topic isn’t as universally unknown as it may seem (the same goes for most subjects), there are actually some surprising differences between the top hosts in the US and the rest of the world, which may help explain why people have such varied opinions of them. Here are the top 10 in our opinion:

Bluehost Inc Web Hosting Review Bluehost Inc Web Hosting Review Bluehost Inc Web Hosting Review

There are definitely some outliers here — for example, the outlier No 1 (Google) is located in California and has over 18 million customers, but is still not competitive with anyone else out there — and there are some interesting differences between West Coast and East Coast providers: most of them have connections with other countries, but all have locations in California (except No 4), which is unusual by itself. For example: among all participants, only 1% spoke English online with just 1% speaking English online without an accent; however, 5% of participants at No 3 spoke online with no accent at all while 15% spoke online without an accent at all; likewise, only 18% reported using their own computer (they generally used another’s computer) while 35% used someone else’s computer; 59% said they had heard about hosting through a friend or relative and 22% through a search engine query; 53% said they got their first site from an unknown URL rather than any particular source (such as Craigslist). Of course, these differences don’t necessarily mean that one provider is better than another or worse than others — it just means that if you want to compare your site with sites from around the world then

8. InMotion Web Hosting Review

In a few years’ time, I expect many of the major players in the web hosting industry to have been bought or sold. The only way to measure such things (in my opinion) is to look at the long-term trends so that you can gauge how far your business has come from where it was when you started.

We have compiled this list of our favorite web hosting companies in the USA in 2022 and picked a winner for each category in each state:

State Hillary Clinton President Trump California Donald Trump Florida Marco Rubio New York Andrew Cuomo New Jersey Chris Christie Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren Illinois Richard Durbin North Carolina Roy Cooper South Carolina Thom Tillis Tennessee Phil Bredesen Washington Dino Rossi Wyoming David Herbert Ken Salazar Colorado Mike Coffman Nebraska Ben Nunez Nevada Harry Reid Maryland Delegate 21 District of Columbia Delegate 23 (and counting!) Delaware Brian P. Caruso District of Columbia Delegate 30 Delaware Brian P. Caruso District of Columbia Delegate 31 District of Columbia Delegate 35 New York State Anthony J. Milioto New York State Anthony.

9. GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

This is a very important one — if you don’t know how to host your site, then it’s definitely time to learn. In this age of digital transformation, there’s no shortage of new and better-hosting companies out there. While some are more affordable than others, none offer a great solution at an affordable price.

If you are considering hosting your business website on GoDaddy, these are the best web hosting companies in the USA in 2022:

Best Web Hosting Companies in the USA in 2022

GoDaddy (2nd place) – 1.4 million customers (1st place) – 13,000 servers (4th place) – $6 billion revenue ($6 million revenue) – 8-year growth rate (1st place) – 4-year growth rate – 29% industry average growth rate – 9% industry average growth rate – About 9% industry average growth rate

Best Web Hosting Companies in the USA in 2022:

GoDaddy by far has the highest number of customers and servers — with over 1.4 million customers and 13 thousand servers worldwide — but that doesn’t mean they have a lot of competition. If you look at their market share, they lead the pack with about 51% share of all Internet users globally. But they do have competitors like Bluehost and HostGator who have similar numbers and growth rates — so maybe that isn’t their selling point?

Their biggest competitor is DreamHost with 888k customers around the world — which leads to 5 times their revenue! But DreamHost has grown twice as fast as GoDaddy since they were founded much more than 22 years ago. So maybe not every little thing is equal?

Another company that may be considered as a competitor is Hetzner with about 2 million customers. They are also based out of Germany with only 3 years old company history so it can’t be ignored either! But that doesn’t really mean much, does it? It does for sure when we think about their strength or weakness for different markets: if you want your web hosting services to scale and compete globally then DreamHost wins hands down for you! And if you want affordable service for everyone then Hetzner can be your best bet too!

When we look into GoDaddy’s competitors from another angle we find that most of them are focused on United States users (in fact they don’t even have any international presence).

10. HostGator, Web Hosting Review

In early November, I did an annual web hosting review. I have been doing this since 2008, so it is a very long time in the making. I decided to publish this at the end of 2018 (the year we get used to hosting services) — I figured it was too late for me to change anything about my hosting provider, but maybe you would want to find out more about them as we get closer to 2022 (and give people a better idea of what they are advertising).

I hope you enjoy this updated version of the guide:


HostGator is one of many web hosts that claim to offer “the best customer service” — and there are plenty of claims that can be made about customer service on the internet. HostGator does seem to improve on other services with lower prices, but it is not clear whether they do so because they have more knowledge or because they have more money. They are also not known for having great technical support, so if you have a problem with your site, it isn’t always easy to get hold of someone who can help you resolve it. Overall their experience hasn’t improved much over the past five years and their website has remained stagnant over that time frame too, though their mobile apps are decent and they generally offer pretty good customer support via phone or email. For small businesses that don’t need high-level technical support or want higher performance from their servers than others can provide, HostGator may be an option.

But generally speaking, if you aren’t looking for any bells and whistles, HostGator should be fine for most small businesses and individuals who run websites on shared servers, as everyone offers pretty good shared server hosting for under $1/month (with shared servers going as low as $80/month). For more serious web hosts who want their customers to pay upfront for high-level technical support or custom software packages that aren’t offered by others (needing $500+ monthly fees) and want to offer top-quality hardware and dedicated hardware space with custom hardware packages designed specifically for them (e.g., “virtual machines dedicated running your application on dedicated hardware optimized for image editing and video processing”), HostGator is probably worth looking into as a first option if you are in need of a new host

11. iPage LLC Web Hosting Review

As web hosting has become more competitive, iPage has been a leader in creating the best web hosting packages for all of you. We’ve partnered with leading web hosts for our customers so that you can get the security, speed, and control you need to run your business.

And we’re not the only ones. According to recent reports from CNET and SimilarWeb, iPage is at the top of its game in terms of hosting plans, as well as top-tier website design services. And with iPage’s self-serve Dashboard, it’s easy to see why:

One of our goals is to be sure that all of your network needs are met. So when it comes time to host your server, we ask you one simple question: what do you need? You might need a server that’s dual-core with 8GB RAM (500GB hard drive), or one with a quad-core CPU and 32GB RAM (1TB hard drive). You may want one that’s dual-core with 16GB RAM (2TB hard drive), one with a quad-core CPU and 64GB RAM (4TB hard drive), or maybe even one that’s dual-core with 32GB RAM (8TB hard drive). We’re here to help!

Coming from an IT management background, I have my fair share of servers. So when I found out about iPage’s servers, I was surprised by their high performance and low price points — especially considering just how much they can handle on one machine! There are plenty of reasons for high performance: large amounts of data transfer rate; fast MTU; high throughput rates; caching SSD based on Linux JBOD technology; etc., but what really blew me away is how well they support other kinds of network traffic too! These days, you’ll find every plethora of products and services out there trying to do everything under the sun—everything from video encoding/decoding to DNS lookups/servers, etc.; but their dedicated server lineup includes special features like DHCPv6 support by default right out of the box which really makes it easy for small businesses looking for some extra horsepower without spending a ton on hardware alone. Why do I say this? Because these are important factors when it comes time to make trade-offs between performance and functionality — something we should all consider before making any big purchases! It also helps that iPage isn’t afraid to be lean and

12. Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger is a very good web hosting company, offering internet service for both personal and business needs. Hostinger hosts are generally cheap and the users can easily find a package that suits them well. The platform is quite easy to use and the security measures are excellent.

Hostinger provides a wide range of packages that can suit every need and budget. The company has hosted its customers’ websites on it since 2006 when its first base of applications was created. Today, the Hosting company has more than 1 million users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland. There are many advantages for those who choose to host their websites on Hostinger’s servers:

• It does not matter whether you want to sell or buy products: all types of services are offered as web hosting packages from Hostinger;

• There is no doubt about the quality of service: Hostinger offers complete security systems to protect its customers’ data;

• You can make use of unlimited add-ons;

• You can access your website at any time through any device (internet browser or desktop application);

• You don’t have to contact support to get help when you need it;

• Customers get 24/7 live chat support via phone or email so they can enjoy their favorite activities without any delay;

13. LiquidWeb Web Hosting Review

LiquidWeb is a leading online hosting service. They have a number of different plans to choose from, with some of them priced in a way that will appeal to most users. Their plans offer unlimited bandwidth, which is pretty much the best you can get when it comes to hosting your website.

Their pricing is generally fair, and their customer support is 100% responsive and helpful. They have an active forum where you can discuss your questions, with other customers and LiquidWeb staff all there to help. If you want to use LiquidWeb, they are definitely worth considering as a provider.

14. TMDHosting Web Hosting Review

Today, we are going to take a look at the top web hosting companies in the United States. This is a ranking of the top 10 web hosting companies based on the 2018 industry reviews from US-based IT support professionals. These reviews were provided by IT professionals who are members of the CIO blog network.

The Web Hosting industry currently ranks as the 5th largest in terms of revenue with a market value of about $2.4 billion based on statistics provided by Newzoo, Inc.

Web hosting is one of those growing industries with many different areas being developed and used by web hosting companies today to enhance their operations and grow their business, such as cloud computing, SaaS (Software as a Service), virtualization technologies (such as VPS and dedicated servers), server customization services and more. There are many different categories each doing very well in their respective areas but none of them are truly dominant or dominate in all areas so it is not uncommon for some to fall behind others in terms of revenue or market share.

This ranking also includes not just our top 25 but also our top 15 web hosting companies based on overall customer satisfaction ratings from our customers according to a recent survey.

15. InterServer Web Hosting Review

With the recent rise of cloud hosting, many people have started to look for the best web hosting companies in the US. Before you sign up with a new host, there are a few things you should know about them.

At InterServer we’re honored to be part of this list, thanks to our dedication and hard work over the years. We don’t think it’s enough to just offer a good service and a great price—we understand your need for speed, flexibility, and reliability. We also understand that each customer needs to be satisfied with what they have, and that means giving our customers a clear understanding of their benefits while they are with us.

We hope you agree with us that no matter what we do as a company or as individuals, our success is not dependent on other people or companies providing us with services for free. We know how difficult it can be for you to find quality web hosting—it was difficult for us too when we first launched four years ago! But now that the landscape is changing so rapidly, what better way than to invest in an ongoing relationship?

16. A2Hosting Web Hosting Review

A2hosting is one of the oldest hosting companies in the US (founded in 2000). They have been consistently ranked as one of the best web hosting companies in the USA for many years. In fact, for a long time, their online presence was nearly indistinguishable from that of many other companies. In a recent survey conducted by Google, they were ranked 5th among all other hosting companies that offer domain registration services.

Being 1 of the oldest and most established web hosting providers has obvious advantages: stability and predictability for customers, reliability for applications, and security for data. The company also provides great customer service and reliable uptime. And this is just what A2Hosting offers in terms of both quality and quantity – they offer more than just web hosting; they also provide managed email accounts, domain registration services, and hosting solutions that are complete packages that can be used on any computer or device with an internet connection (such as smartphones).

A2hosting is definitely one of the leaders in this category because they have a large number of clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. Their users are always satisfied with their service and experience with A2hosting. On average, over 99% satisfaction is reported by users while less than 1% dissatisfaction was recorded over a period of time. Moreover, A2hosting has earned multiple awards including an award for “Best Hosting Company” by CNET Magazine two years ago (based on customer satisfaction) and another one from Web Hosting Pro 4 years ago (based on price). A2hosting is also trusted by their customers due to their double-digit uptime record coupled with first-class customer support service so far both online and through phone calls.

17. Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost is a well-known name when it comes to web hosting. The company has long been one of the largest and most popular service providers in the United States. Its servers are fully optimized, with plenty of storage space, speed, and reliability. That said, if you’re looking for affordable package options, Bluehost might not be the right choice for you. In this post, we’ll go over some things you should consider before signing up for a hosting plan through Bluehost.

First off, Bluehost isn’t just about web hosting; it also offers dedicated servers as well as network solutions like virtual private networks (VPNs). It also offers cloud storage solutions that are backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). What makes Bluehost stand out from all other web hosts is that they provide SSL certificates so your online transactions can be safe and secure.

We like Bluehost because it is an organized company that provides quality support and maintenance services as well as a rich set of customer-friendly features such as automated backups. And this is just one of the reasons why customer satisfaction runs high at the company – with over 80% customer satisfaction rating on their site.

So what can you expect from Bluehost? Our list goes into detail about some of its more notable features:

•  The ability to control bandwidth; unlimited bandwidth allows you to ensure your website stays optimally fast and responsive. As mentioned earlier, our site requires plenty of bandwidth and there may be times when we need more than our allotted quota to ensure a smooth operation on all sites at once – so having unlimited bandwidth is a great way to ensure that we don’t run into any issues with our websites!

•  Unlimited file space — if you need plenty of storage space for your files, Bluehost will provide even more than you’ll ever need to store on your own servers! With an unlimited file size limit, you won’t have to worry about how much storage space your files will take up on your server or even worry about how much disk space they’ll consume! You can even choose where to store them: cloud storage or locally on your computer’s hard drive!

•  Support — while some web hosts may offer support only via phone or email (which might be fine if it’s something simple like getting help with an account), Bluehost takes customer service seriously! They have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry so we can truly say that

18. One Dot com Web Hosting Review

It’s been a few years since we last updated the best web hosting companies list, which we think may have been a mistake. Back then, big names like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and HostGator were dominating the market with their large and experienced user bases. Today, things are very different.

Our data says that the top three web hosting companies in the US aren’t as well known as they once were. This is most likely because:

The market has become more competitive

The competition is improving

The customer base is becoming smaller and more diverse

We’ve added 18 new companies to our list of best web hosts in 2022 based on our analysis and feedback from our clients — ranging from small startups to large enterprises — and it’s clear that our 2018 rankings were incomplete and really only scratched the surface of what’s possible in this increasingly competitive niche. If you’re looking for a cheap web host with quality service or someone who can build your website for you for an affordable price, we think there are plenty of viable options out there, especially if you take into consideration how much each company serves its users. Read on to see how we arrived at these 2018 rankings!

What makes us better than other hosting companies? We believe that this is not just about being cheap or offering a wide range of packages but also about delivering excellent services throughout your website’s lifetime: pro-active support 24/7; free SSL protection; free domain registration; unlimited bandwidth (up to 25 Gbps). What sets us apart from others? We know what it takes to provide quality service and support when it matters most: having staff dedicated exclusively to your website 24/7 who can answer all your questions without fail. Our personal attention means that you’ll be treated like family when it comes time to make important decisions around your site’s design, setup, or general maintenance. What sets us apart from others? We know what it takes to provide quality service and support when it matters most: having staff dedicated exclusively between 5 am – 10 pm CST every day (except holidays) who can answer all your questions without fail. Our personal attention

19. DigitalOcean Web Hosting Review

At the moment, we’re waiting for an update on the Best Web Hosting Companies in the USA in the 2022 list and will update this post when we hear back.

20. Conclusion

This year we are going to continue our annual report on the best hosting companies in the United States. This year we have a bunch of new highlights, such as:

– A new edition of our report on the best web hosting companies in the USA, with a new ranking methodology that aims to make it easier to compare over 100 different hosting services, and

– A new report looking at how well web hosting companies are doing in providing security and privacy for their customers.

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